We seek to advance
the cultural, social, economic and
political well-being and independence

of Tennesseans by all honourable means.

We support our families, our communities,
our farms, and our churches.

We believe government has become increasingly intrusive,
meddling in every area of our lives,
so we work together to free ourselves from such interference.
We want a Free Tennessee. 

We invite you to review the articles and press releases;
to attend the events we sponsor.
See if you already agree with us.
We also invite you to join us.


FreeTennessee recognizes that Tennesseans have long found themselves in the grip of an ever growing and hostile rule from across the Potomac. The self-serving politicians in Washington have fashioned an Empire which has already crushed many of the freedoms won by our ancestors.

From Magna Carta on Runnymeade to the Declaration of Independence
to the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of Madison and Jefferson
to South Carolina's Calhoun arguments for nullification
to Tennessee's vote for secession 8 June 1861,
our grandfathers stood and fought for liberty.


Today liberty is but a faint memory. We challenge you to identify just one area of your life that has not come under the scrutiny and control of the federal Empire.

It is time to regain our heritage.
It is time to renew the struggle for liberty.
It is time to once again raise the battle cry for freedom !!


FreeTennessee is the Tennessee Chapter of the League of the South